AKSES is Access

The first thing you’re likely to be wondering if you don’t know already is why we’re called AKSES.org – fair question!

It’s very simple, AKSES means access. In this case access to education and reading, but not in the way that you may think and is immediately obvious.

You see, we have a problem in America – to many people are unable to read to a good enough level, and inability to read causes so many knock on effects and disadvantages to furthering education.

Many people argue that verbal communication is good enough, after all we can convey a message to others by speaking – that’s good enough, isn’t it?

In day to day life, that may seem true – but what about recording details, what about leaving a contemporaneous record of events? That is, noting down what has happened as it happened.

The Myths Of Educational History

Let’s take a look at some myths to bust…

I Don’t Need To Write Stuff Down

Written English matters, simple. By writing things down, you create an indelible record of information, rather than rely on a memory that only you can access (or akses)!

Loads Of People Are Like Me And Can’t Read, We’re Fine!

You’re correct, estimates say that over half of people in this country are regularly let down by their reading, writing, vocabulary or other educational shortfalls. Loads of people are like you if that’s what you mean, but it doesn’t mean you’re fine, it means you’re unable to achieve as much as you would be able to with a better education.

I Couldn’t Do School

Everyone should go to school. Not all schools are the same. For many it’s the traditional route, perhaps starting at Pre-K, then preschool, elementary, middle and high school. For others home schooling is their path. Whatever the chosen method, some kids just don’t get on well in their school years – what a tragedy!

What’s actually happening is they don’t get on with the methods of teaching, it doesn’t relate to the and they lose interest. What if there was a better way?

What Can We Change?

To improve on the failures of the past, the key is to change the way we teach people, and in particular children, to read.

At present and for so many years gone by, we’ve focused too heavily on spelling as the foundation of writing, and to a degree, reading too.

A big problem with the English language is that while there are rules of spelling, virtually every rule also has a huge range of exceptions too. It’s also very difficult to find anyone who can reliably and consistently explain why those exceptions apply. To put it another way, the rules of the English language get applied in an arbitrary manner.

What Is The Solution?

We’re glad you asked. To put it very briefly, the solution is AKSES.

The solution which we’ll collectively refer to as AKSES is something we’ll take a deep dive into on this website.

Welcome to the future of literacy.